How Custom Fleet Washing Can Improve Your Brand Image & Save You Money

How Custom Fleet Washing Can Improve Your Brand Image & Save You Money

Canadian Mobile Wash provides custom fleet washing and detailing services. We are dedicated to making your vehicles and equipment consistently look and run at their best.

Not only are our mobile fleet washing services completely tailored to suit your needs but we come right to you!

Custom fleet washing services are the perfect worry-free way to improve your brand image and save money for your business.

From saving on maintenance costs to reducing downtime in your busy schedule and more, Canadian Mobile Wash ensures a quality clean and maximizes savings for your company.

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What is a Custom Fleet Wash?

A custom fleet wash is a complete fleet wash that involves understanding the client’s needs, attention to detail, and ensuring quality through standard operating procedures.

And we’re not just talking about the exterior of your trucks! A fully customized wash service includes interior cleaning services to ensure that your drivers are happy and healthy.

Custom fleet washing also focuses on the nature of your business. For example, if you are a food carrier, vehicle cleanliness will remain compliant with the government’s transportation and storage requirements.

Lastly, custom fleet washing is done on your schedule at your location. You’ll never have to worry about getting your trucks to a local wash bay or having to disrupt rotations to ensure your vehicles are regularly cleaned.

Whether you have a dozen vehicles or a fleet of more than 100 trucks, our tailored mobile fleet washing services leave no stone unturned!

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How a Clean Fleet Can Improve Your Brand Image

Your commercial trucks are an extension of your company’s identity. They also showcase the quality of the services you provide.

Think of your trucks as mobile billboards!

Surveys show that a large majority of customers say they would refuse to do business with a company that has dirty or poorly maintained assets.

A fleet covered in road grime and mud sends out the wrong message to shippers, clients, and other business owners. Oftentimes, they do not want to be represented by a poorly maintained fleet.

Improve your company’s brand image and avoid losing business by maintaining clean trucks with custom fleet wash solutions!

Clean Trucks = Happy Drivers!

Having a clean fleet will help your business retain staff and increase job satisfaction. Drivers will be happier and healthier working in a clean and sanitized environment.

Plus, regularly cleaning your fleet will make your commercial vehicles safer to drive. Maintaining clean headlights, taillights, and mirrors will give your drivers peace of mind.

The more drivers you have and the less time you spend washing and maintaining your fleet, the more time your vehicles stay on the road and make you money.

Save Money on Water and Cleaning Products

By taking advantage of our convenient and worry-free mobile wash services, your company will save money on cleaning solutions as well as excess clean-up and water.

Our mobile wash technicians are efficient and experienced, so you don’t have to worry about wasted time and wasted product. We know how to get the job done without running up a bill!

Canadian Mobile Wash provides environmentally friendly cleaners and a full wash water recovery system to ensure products aren’t wasted and drainage issues do not occur.

Save Money With Less Downtime

If a professional mobile wash company doesn’t take care of your truck fleet, who does?

It’s likely going to be your drivers and staff who will have to take time out of their schedules to clean your trucks, either by doing it by hand or taking their truck to a wash bay.

However, with a custom fleet washing solution, we can come to you!

Our professional and tailored mobile wash services will reduce manpower and downtime by more than half – and save more money for your company.

Regular Cleaning of Your Commercial Vehicles Can Increase Vehicle Longevity

Having a clean fleet goes beyond looks! Regular custom fleet cleaning will ensure that your vehicles last longer and require fewer repairs.

Over time, exterior corrosion will compromise the mechanical resilience of your fleet of trucks. Between salt, sand, dirt, grime, debris, and de-icing chemicals, your trucks are exposed to a wide range of substances that can increase the risk of corrosion, aesthetic damage, and mechanical breakdowns.

As layers of dirt accumulate on your vehicles, they need to work harder to compensate. Over time, this can compromise the operational efficiency of their working components and lead to thousands of dollars in avoidable maintenance costs.

Dirt and grime will also make it difficult to properly inspect your fleet and easy to repair issues that are overlooked may become more expensive problems down the road.

Clean Vehicles Require Less Fuel

Brushed off as a common myth, it’s actually true that cleaner vehicles use less fuel! This holds true for cars as well as commercial vehicles.

It all comes down to aerodynamics – protruding dirt and debris creates a rougher surface on your truck that increases air resistance and slows the vehicle down.

To compensate for this resistance, the truck needs to work harder to maintain speed and uses more fuel.

You can improve your company’s bottom line by improving your fleet’s fuel economy by taking advantage of regular mobile and custom fleet wash services.

Put Your Best Image Forward With a Worry-Free and Custom Fleet Washing Process!

Maintaining a stellar reputation and sparkling clean brand image means having a regularly and professionally cleaned fleet.

Canadian Mobile Wash ensures a custom clean each and every time! Let our attention to detail help your business stand out.

We offer prompt, flexible, and dependable services to all types of fleet vehicles and any fleet size at your location.

So, are you ready to experience the quality and convenience of a custom fleet wash? Contact our professional team to work with your schedule and tailor a custom wash program based on your unique needs.

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