How Does Mobile Fleet Washing Work?

How Does Mobile Fleet Washing Work?

When you own a trucking business, your fleet is your biggest investment, and it’s essential that you protect your most important assets.

Not only does this include your vehicles, but your drivers as well!

A well-maintained truck is a safe truck that will protect your drivers – and in order to properly maintain your trucks, you have to keep them clean.

This all starts with regular fleet washes, and in today’s world, you no longer have to worry about getting your trucks to a wash bay to ensure they are properly cleaned.

For the sake of convenience and flexibility, consider investing in mobile fleet washing!

Keep reading to learn about mobile fleet washing and how it works:

What is Mobile Fleet Washing?

Just as it sounds, mobile fleet washing is a service offered to business owners to ensure their vehicles are clean and safe by offering wash services at the business location.

Mobile fleet washing companies will visit a variety of facility types to provide cleaning services based on the business’s unique needs.

They provide the equipment, soaps, and water disposal during the entire fleet washing process.

The Fleet Washing Process

When it comes to washing the exteriors of your fleet’s vehicles, mobile wash companies offer a wide range of services and follow a quality washing process to ensure your trucks are clean and safe:

  • Maintenance rinse: A simple spray-down process for relatively clean vehicles.
  • Maintenance wash: A routine scrubbing process that includes a thorough rinse and wash.
  • Semi-detail wash: A maintenance wash that includes more detailed scrubbing, including wheels and tires.
  • Detail wash: The most thorough fleet washing process includes all wash services plus a complete degrease to ensure a complete clean.

Along with the services offered by mobile fleet washing companies, how they wash the vehicles can vary:

The One-Step Process

The one-step fleet washing process can either be a touchless one or involve brushing.

In either case, the one-step process involves using high-pressure and high-temperature equipment and applying high-pH alkaline detergent.

The Two-Step Process

A basic two-step process prevents the need to scrub or rinse between steps by first applying a low-pH acidic presoak to the surface of the vehicle and allowing it to rest for 30-60 seconds.

Step two, a high-pH alkaline soap, is then applied directly over step 1one and allowed to sit for 30-60 seconds as well.

The soaps are then rinsed with fresh water.

The low pH and high pH soaps quickly clean road grime that contains both a positive and negative charge by neutralizing these charges and targeting grease, oils, and other carbon-based dirt.

The run-off following the wash is close to neutral, so it is safer for the environment than using either product separately.

Interior Cleaning

Mobile fleet washing companies, such as Canadian Mobile Wash, also offer interior cleaning services!

This involves thoroughly cleaning the interior of the cab and cargo area. With an interior cleaning, you can expect vacuuming, window cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

Environmentally Safe Soaps

Many commercial truck washing soaps contain harsh chemicals that can damage both the vehicle and the environment.

This is why it’s important to look for companies that use environmentally safe soaps.

For instance, Canadian Mobile Wash uses only biodegradable soaps that contain enzymes and natural oils to provide safe and natural cleaning power.

Biodegradable soaps do not pollute the environment and pose risk to the health of humans, animals, and plants.

Despite the fact that these soaps are made of natural ingredients, they are proven to provide the same cleaning power as commercial soaps with chemicals.

Scheduling and Flexibility

As the word “mobile” implies, mobile fleet washing services come to your location to offer a flexible and convenient way to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your trucks.

Mobile wash companies such as Canadian Mobile Wash will work with your schedule to meet your needs.

You can customize a schedule to ensure that your fleet is regularly cleaned at a time that is convenient for you, your drivers, and your business.

Custom Wash Packages

Because mobile fleet washing involves both exterior and interior cleaning, you can customize a package to suit your business’s requirements and budget.

You can choose to include services in your package, such as:

  • Wheels and hubcaps
  • Engine degreasing
  • Dirt, grime, and grease removal
  • Mold removal
  • Cab, window, door, and hood cleaning
  • Ventilation cleaning
  • Aluminum shining
  • And more!

The Benefits of Mobile Fleet Washing

There are many benefits to having a regular wash program.

Foregoing this important step in running a trucking business can make the difference between operating your vehicle fleet safely and unsafely.

If you’re still on the fence about mobile fleet washing and are tempted to avoid this added expense, consider these valuable benefits:

  • Driver and Public Safety: Safety should always come first, and the accumulation of dirt and grime on a vehicle can cause safety issues such as ineffective headlights and mirrors, compromising visibility. The state of the cab’s interior is important as well – debris and garbage can cause distractions or become lodged under the pedals, creating a huge safety risk.
  • Company Image: Your fleet is basically a rolling billboard, advertising your company wherever your drivers go. Dirty trucks look neglected and indicate a lack of oversight, which can negatively impact your company’s image. The transportation industry is competitive, so keeping your fleet clean will give you an edge on the road.
  • Damage Detection: No matter how well-maintained you keep your fleet mechanically, dirt and grime can make it difficult to detect damage and necessary repairs, such as damaged components, electrical faults, and chaffing lines.
  • Contamination: If your fleet hauls refrigerated or food cargo, there are a ton of guidelines you have to follow, and one of the main ones has to do with cleanliness. Proper washouts will help eliminate germs, ensure no cross-contamination, and avoid public health issues.

Canadian Mobile Wash – Professional Service Experience

Let our fleet washing technicians at Canadian Mobile Wash ensure a custom clean each and every time!

Our attention to detail can help your business stand out and keep your fleet safe and in tip-top shape.

Contact our team of professionals for more information on how we can tailor a mobile wash program based on your unique business needs.

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