Maintaining a Clean Fleet: Benefits of a Regular Wash Program

Maintaining a Clean Fleet: Benefits of a Regular Wash Program

When your company fleet is on the road, you have enough to worry about – like getting to the destination safely and on time. As you focus on the journey, it can be easy to overlook the appearance and cleanliness of the fleet vehicles.

Often, companies may be tempted to forego regular cleaning, chalking it up to an expense you can do without. While it is an added expense, it can spell the difference between operating the vehicle fleet safely and unsafely.

Having a clean vehicle is important when it comes to safety and reputation. There are many added benefits to companies who regularly maintain a clean fleet. Working with a professional mobile wash partner to regularly service the fleet onsite ensures the company receives these benefits and continues to stand out as a leader in their industry.

Benefits of a Regular Fleet Wash Program

Driver & Public Safety

On the road, safety always comes first and an unclean commercial vehicle can also be an unsafe one.

For instance, the accumulation of dirt and grime on the vehicle headlights makes them less effective and gunked-up mirrors cannot do their job either. A regular wash cycle will ensure that the vehicle lights and mirrors are always clean and the road visibility isn’t compromised.

Likewise, it’s also important to consider the cleanliness of the vehicle cab. Used coffee cups, fast food containers, and other debris can easily pile up, causing distractions or, worse, getting lodged beneath the vehicle pedals and causing a major safety hazard on the road.


As we have mentioned, debris and garbage which may pile up in the vehicle cab can lead to distractions, and for a commercial vehicle driver, these distractions could be deadly.

The vehicle cab is the driver’s workspace and it’s important that this space be organized, efficient, and peaceful. Ensuring that the console and cab are free of clutter is always critical.

Not only will this help drivers remained focused but it will also reduce drivers stress levels as well. They will feel calmer and better able to concentrate on the road.

Many fleet washing companies offer very affordable prices when it comes to regular cab cleaning and disinfection programs. A thorough clean is always well worth the cost.

Company Image

When company vehicles are on the road, they become the brands rolling billboard. Companies work hard to maintain a positive image in their industry and their vehicles play a large factor towards this success.

A week’s worth of built-up dirt and grime can portray an image of neglect and lack of oversight. In competitive industries its critical for companies to secure their position by properly representing their brand.

Seeking regular high-quality fleet cleaning services will display that the company is committed to the safety and the satisfaction of their clients and drivers.

Issue and Damage Detection

Having a clean fleet makes it easier to detect any problems that could become future hazards. When vehicles are regularly cleaned, you are more likely to notice things such as damaged components, electrical faults, and chaffing lines that you wouldn’t otherwise see when the vehicle is dirty. When everything is clean, it’s easier to spot potential problems.

In fact, the outside appearance of your fleet vehicles could also lead inspectors to pull the vehicle over. A dirty commercial vehicle can give the impression that the vehicle is not properly maintained and poses safety risks.


If the fleet consists of refrigerated cargo areas (i.e.: trailers, box, etc) or carries food products, it’s imperative to ensure cargo area washouts are included in the regular wash cycle. A cargo/trailer washout will help eliminate any germs or residue that might be left behind by old materials. It will also ensure there is no cross-contamination between loads when the fleet is constantly hauling different products.

Not properly washing out cargo areas can lead to contamination and the risk of public health issues.

Types of Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

When it comes to having your fleet washed, there is a range of cleaning services available including both manual vehicle washes and automatic washes.

The type of vehicles in your fleet also determines the type of equipment cleaning that is required.

Semi-Trucks and Cargo Vans

You may not think about cleaning the company fleet like you might a personal car, but giving your company vehicles a regular exterior and interior clean helps ensure the exterior remains free of rust and also the interior remains thoroughly sanitized. Drivers deserve a clean environment to work in and will be happier because of it. Regular cleaning of both the exterior and interior cab areas not only brighten the appearance of the vehicle (inside and out) but are also a key factor in employee safety.

Taking both semi-trucks and cargo vans to a drive-thru wash bay can support a simple cleanup of the exterior however only a professional mobile fleet washing company can ensure all areas of the exterior are washed appropriately, using the right detergents and chemicals for specific areas of the vehicle

Trailer Washout

If your fleet consists of refrigerated units or any truck that carries cargo on a regular basis, the interior of the vehicle needs to be cleaned between each trip to avoid contamination, as mentioned above. For instance, if you are transporting groceries on a daily basis, you need to eliminate germs or residue that may contaminate the new cargo.

In this case, you would need to do a trailer washout, which involves more than simply spraying the interior of the trailer. Doing so does not have the same effect as thoroughly washing with a food grade detergent. Selecting the right cleaners and avoiding chemicals that have lingering toxins which can create a risk for further contamination and damage to cargo products, is critical.


All commercial vehicles can benefit from a good undercarriage cleaning. The dirt and grime that builds up underneath vehicles can lead to future problems, rust, salt corrosion, and other issues.


Clean Vehicles = Safe Vehicles = Happy Drivers. Every time!

Keeping your fleet clean is more than having a vehicle that looks good. It will benefit your company’s overall experience on the road by giving you peace of mind that your vehicles are well-maintained, organized, and safe.

Drivers will operate these vehicles knowing that the fleet is cared for and in peak working condition. Having a clean cab for drivers can also reduce the chances of drivers getting sick and missing work, especially if the fleet is commonly shared between multiple drivers.

Overall, maintaining clean fleet has many benefits that are often not easy to see, however once a regular wash program is implemented, benefits are often immediately realized.

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