Office Cleaning and Sanitization Tips

Office Cleaning and Sanitization Tips

Dealing with COVID-19 has really opened the eyes of employers when it comes to keeping office spaces clean and healthy for their employees.

Now, more than ever, office workers are more aware of the importance of keeping their place of work clean to avoid the spread of any virus.

The most reliable way to prevent viruses or germs from spreading through your staff is to regularly clean and disinfect your office space.

It’s essential to note that this guide is intended for offices that are not involved in the healthcare sector.

When to Clean Versus Disinfecting

Cleaning with any products that contain soap or detergents will reduce germs and remove contaminants while decreasing the risk of infection from surfaces.

Daily cleanings with regular soaps are often enough to remove viruses and maintain a healthy environment in your office.

However, using a disinfectant will kill any remaining germs left on surfaces and further reduce the risk of spreading infections.

While full office disinfection doesn’t need to be done every day, you should consider tackling high-traffic and shared areas daily.

How to Disinfect Different Types of Surfaces

Not all surfaces in your office are made equally, so it’s important to understand how to clean and disinfect different types of surfaces:

Soft Surfaces

If your office has soft surfaces such as rugs, curtains, carpets, or couches, you can clean these surfaces using a product that contains detergent or soap.


For offices that deal with clothing, towels, and linens, use the warmest water setting possible when washing and make sure the items are completely dry.

Hampers and laundry baskets should also be cleaned as well and employees handling any sort of laundry should wear gloves.


To keep the electronics in your office germ-free, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning these devices.

If you need to disinfect electronics, use an approved disinfectant – particularly ones that contain alcohol since they dry quickly.

You can also place wipeable covers over electronics to make daily cleaning easier.

Outdoor Areas

For outdoor areas such as roads and sidewalks, it is not necessary or effective to disinfect.

However, high-touch surfaces such as railings should be cleaned regularly, as well as benches and tables.

How to Clean Your Office When Someone is Sick

If someone in your office is sick or has tested positive for COVID-19, it’s important to both clean and disinfect any areas they were present in.

Before you clean and disinfect, close off the area and don’t allow anyone to access them until they are clean.

While cleaning and disinfecting these areas, open doors or windows, and use fans or your HVAC system to ventilate and increase air circulation.

Use approved disinfectant cleaners while wearing a mask and gloves.

Routine Cleaning Schedules

Regularly cleaning your office is key to eliminating germs and viruses and creating a healthy work environment.

Whether you employ the services of a professional cleaning company or have your employees help with this task, it’s important to create a routine cleaning schedule.

To develop this plan, consider the types of surfaces in the office and how often they are touched. These areas should be prioritized and cleaned once per day.

However, you may want to consider cleaning high-traffic areas more frequently or disinfecting them in addition to cleaning.

High-touch surfaces include things like pens, shopping carts, counters, light switches, door handles/knobs, stair rails, desks, keyboards, phones, toilets, and sinks.

Ensure your staff is protected while cleaning by providing them with training on how to use cleaning products and disinfectants safely. You should also provide them with gloves and masks.

Alternative Disinfection Methods

Besides using approved disinfectants to keep your office clean, you can also consider alternative methods such as ultrasonic waves and high-intensity UV lights.

These have proven effective against viruses such as COVID-19.

You can also use methods such as ULV fogging and electrostatic spraying.

More Office Cleaning and Sanitization Tips

Looking for more ways to keep your office happy and healthy? Here are some more office cleaning and sanitization tips:

Create a Checklist

To keep your cleaning routine organized and on track, create a daily and weekly checklist of cleaning tasks that need to be completed.

Have your employees initial the tasks they complete.

Organize the Office

While a tidy office won’t necessarily reduce the risk of germs and viruses, clear clutter and organizing will help to create a more productive environment.

However, it will help when it comes to accessing surfaces that need to be sanitized and make following a cleaning routine easier.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Equipment

You can save a lot of time for yourself and your staff by making sure you have the proper cleaning equipment.

Consider purchasing cleaning solutions that include disinfectants to cut down on cleaning time.

Make sure cleaning products and equipment are easy to access.

Keep Disinfectant Wipes Handy

You can also save time during the cleaning process by having disinfectant wipes on hand.

They are great for quick clean-ups and take less time to use than grabbing a bottle of cleaning solution.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Many commercial cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to office surfaces and the health of your employees.

However, there are many natural and biodegradable cleaning solution alternatives out there that work just as well.

Deep Clean the Office Before Winter

While most people prefer to do their major cleaning in the Spring, consider that once the temperatures drop, there may be less air circulation in your office.

Clearing out dust and allergens before winter hits will ensure that your staff remains healthy during the colder months.

Hire a Cleaning Company

Ultimately, you can hire a professional cleaning company to ensure your office is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

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