Washing Your Vehicle: The Importance of Using Environmentally-Friendly Soaps

Washing Your Vehicle: The Importance of Using Environmentally-Friendly Soaps

Not that long ago, using harsh chemicals was commonplace when it came to washing vehicles – both at home and professionally.

Many detergents were made with hydrofluoric acid (HF), which helped to dissolve grime, dust, and rust. However, this particular ingredient was shown to be highly detrimental to both human health and the environment.

Eventually, in 2012, the International Carwash Association (ICA) issued a hazard warning about the dangers of using detergents that contain HF and urged businesses to find less hazardous alternatives.

Fortunately, improvements in the professional cleaning process have led to the use of environmentally sound alternatives that can be used both in commercial cleaning and personal cleaning of vehicles.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of environmentally-friendly soaps and how you can protect the earth using biodegradable products:

Why Choose Biodegradable Soaps for Vehicle Washing?

Many commercial truck wash detergent solutions contain chemicals that can harm the environment.

Biodegradable detergents are safe soaps with a milder pH level than normal soaps, which causes zero harm to the environment and your vehicle’s finish.

Compared to traditional cleaning products, biodegradable auto soaps contain no chemicals – the materials in the soap break down naturally and are absorbed by living organisms. 

Most biodegradable detergents contain enzymes and natural oils to provide safe and natural cleaning power!

Biodegradable soaps do not pollute drinking water and pose no risk to the health of humans, animals, and plants. They also do not clog drains or cause damage to septic tanks.

They wash away easily, quickly, and safely to leave your vehicle looking clean without harming the environment.

What Are the Best Biodegradable Soaps?

Even though you can use any kind of soap to wash your vehicle, many cleaning products can cause damage to your truck and the environment.

To ensure you are protecting your vehicle and the planet, here are some of the best biodegradable soaps to ensure a safe and proper wash:

Chemical Guys Wash Soap

This soap is made from naturally-derived citrus extracts that create super-thick foaming suds to clean your truck as well as reduce scratches and provide a streak-free glossy finish. It works with traditional bucket washes and foam guns.

Meguiar’s Gold Class Wash Shampoo

If you’re looking for the cheapest auto soap that still protects the environment and gets the job done, check out this brand! It’s formulated for a radiant shine, washing, and conditioning your truck all in one step.

Wash Chems Pro 50 Touchless Wash Detergent

This biodegradable soap produces dense foam for quick and efficient cleaning and is made for a brushless and touch-free truck wash. Just apply it to your vehicle and rinse after 20-3 minutes!

What About Automatic Fleet Washes? Are They Environmentally Friendly?

Going to an automatic fleet wash to clean your vehicle is actually a very environmentally friendly choice!

While most do not opt for biodegradable detergents, the end result of their wash may harm your truck’s finish. However, their process of reducing and treating water means that no contaminants can access the earth or local water supplies.

When you wash your vehicle at your place of business, even with biodegradable soap, there is still grease, grime, and dirt that rinses off your vehicle into drains and sewers.

With automatic truck washes, these contaminants and cleaning products are collected and treated before they are released into the public water system.

Automatic truck washes are a great way to ensure an environmentally friendly and high-quality clean for your vehicle.

Do Mobile Fleet Washing Companies Use Environmentally Friendly Detergents?

Here at Canadian Mobile Wash, we sure do!

When it comes to professional interior and exterior cleanings, we conduct all services in accordance with our national standard operating procedures, such as the use of Health Canada and EPA-approved disinfection methods.

This also includes the use of environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. We carefully choose our disinfectant cleaners and exterior soaps to ensure we continue to do our part for the environment.

We also manage wastewater on-site, removing oils and dirt before reusing or disposing of it.

Environmentally Friendly Mobile Washing Services – We Have Them!

Canadian Mobile Wash is dedicated to providing the highest-quality and most effective cleaning solutions for your large trucks and fleet.

Our tailored and customized wash programs ensure that your entire fleet and brand are kept sparkling clean on a flexible schedule that meets your unique needs.

For more information on our available services, feel free to contact our mobile fleet wash technicians.

You can also find more details about our mobile fleet washing services here.

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