Why a Combined Disinfection Approach by a Professional Company is the Safest Protocol

Why a Combined Disinfection Approach by a Professional Company is the Safest Protocol

Today’s environment can prove to be a challenging and confusing time for many with regards to their workplace cleaning and sanitization protocols. The health and safety of our most valuable assets – our people, is top of mind for fleet and facility managers alike. We can all work together to mitigate the risk of virus, bacteria, and cross-contamination in our vehicle assets, offices, workspaces and commercial properties. Let us explore all the ways to ensure our employees, customers and patrons can breathe easy and have peace of mind of knowing that they are safe in our establishments.

We consider the most pressing areas to be common, high-traffic and high touch-point surfaces. As mentioned, vehicle fleets can also be particularly high-risk, posing serious issues when mismanaged. This is especially prevalent when several drivers use the same vehicle, serving the needs of multiple customers at various sites throughout the day or week. The ultimate goal is to reassure drivers of our collective commitment to their health and safety. Additionally, to avoid employee insecurity in the workplace which can wreak havoc on overall morale and productivity. It is vital to implement cleaning and disinfection practices that aim to protect all entrants of our spaces, and deploy strategies to reduce the spread of infection.

Fleet and facility managers may already have some basic cleaning and sanitation practices in place. They may find it economical to work with janitorial services or have employees and drivers themselves increase their focus on disinfection. This can include mindful spraying and wiping of surfaces and being extra vigilant with hand sanitizer use. While these common methods might be simple to manage, they may not be adequate in covering several key areas and protecting against virus and pathogens. Spray bottle solutions for instance will cause a running down effect of the disinfectant, and will at many times have no ability to adhere to most surfaces. Wiping down with cloths or towels will do a good job at lifting dirt and grime but may spread bacteria around, increasing the risk for cross-contamination especially with repeated use. This is where modern solutions, updated technologies, and enlisting the help of a professional disinfection company whose core business is sanitization proves to be the superior decision.

State-of-the-Art Disinfection Technologies That We Have Found to be Most Effective

ULV Fogging

  • Compresses disinfectant solution through a specially designed nozzle to generate a very fine mist of Ultra Low Volume aerosol droplets
  • Through vaporization, airborne and surface-based pathogens/viruses are effectively destroyed
  • Our trained technicians are able to adjust the droplets’ optimal micron diameter size, formula concentrations and flow rates as needed to suit the various surfaces and equipment in a commercial space. This maximizes disinfectant solution dwell time and efficacy
  • ULV thoroughly disinfects both the air and any surface the equipment is pointed toward
  • Large areas are effectively treated without the need to move furniture or equipment, causing minimal disruption to you and your business
  • Superior distance and range of coverage, encompassing even difficult to reach areas
  • Suitable for scenarios in which there is an outbreak of virus within a facility, due to the rapid velocity of disinfectant application
  • Minimal PPE is required to re-enter your space and business down-time is drastically reduced after fogging has been deployed
  • All-around elimination of pathogens and viruses in the air, surfaces, and objects means your commercial space is truly protected from floor to ceiling

Electrostatic Spaying

  • A proven superior method of dispensing sanitizer. Electrostatic technology offers unmatched levels of evenness in application, completely coating surfaces of all types
  • Increased accuracy at a shorter range of spray allows our technicians to pinpoint hard to reach target areas much more effectively
  • Spraying through an electrostatic device applies a positive electric charge to the chosen solution, this creates a true three dimensional wrap-around effect
  • The positively charged atomized particles will be actively attracted to the visible areas and even the crevices, undersides, backsides and nonvisible surface areas for maximum protection
  • This encapsulating effect ensures complete disinfectant coverage on any shape of equipment or furniture, killing 99.9% of pathogens and viruses
  • Ideal for high-traffic and high-touch point surfaces including door knobs, handles, computer equipment, steering wheels, vehicle consoles and dashboards, etc.
  • Completely touchless application technology vastly reduces the risk for cross-contamination. Superior to spray and wipe methods especially on vertical surfaces where disinfectants carry no natural ability to adhere

Both of these technologies are great at disinfecting surfaces, objects and spaces. Either is a superior alternative to spray-and-wipe techniques because they allow less room for error and are far less likely to result in cross-contamination problems.


In addition to having access to the very latest tools, a professional disinfection company will consider many other factors when customizing your comprehensive sanitization protocol. Having the technical expertise required to operate the machines, and advanced training when it comes to application methods for each unique space is critical. Ensuring that the correct disinfectant solutions are used is also very important. Some key features to look out for include but are not limited to: non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-toxic, a solution that’s water based and without a flash point especially for electrostatic. Checking beforehand with the manufacturer is always sound practice. Although the equipment itself may be readily available to the consumer market, having the correct knowledge and experience is crucial. It is therefore imperative to work with a company that can provide a high level of guarantee that your facility and vehicle assets will receive proper treatment.

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