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Office Cleaning and Sanitization Tips

Dealing with COVID-19 has really opened the eyes of employers when it comes to keeping office spaces clean and healthy for their employees. Now, more …

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How Does Mobile Fleet Washing Work?

When you own a trucking business, your fleet is your biggest investment, and it’s essential that you protect your most important assets. Not only does …

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Washing Your Vehicle: The Importance of Using Environmentally-Friendly Soaps

Not that long ago, using harsh chemicals was commonplace when it came to washing vehicles – both at home and professionally. Many detergents were made …

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The Use of Health Canada and EPA-Approved Disinfection Methods for Vehicle Interiors

What does disinfecting the interior of your vehicle look like to you? A quick wipe of the rearview mirror? A disinfectant wipe around the gear …

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Trucking and Food Safety Compliance: What You Need to Know

When it comes to transporting food, food safety risks are taken very seriously. For this reason, there are specific regulations that ensure sanitary conditions during …

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Why a Combined Disinfection Approach by a Professional Company is the Safest Protocol

Today’s environment can prove to be a challenging and confusing time for many with regards to their workplace cleaning and sanitization protocols. The health and…

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Choosing the Right Fleet Washing Provider

Benefits of Keeping the Fleet Clean Fleet operators, owners and drivers all want a clean vehicle and workspace. There are many benefits of a clean…

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